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5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

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Trees are said to be the lungs of our planet. They are essential for our ecosystem and provide essential necessities like medicine, shelter, tools, etc. Trees increase the quality of our life by bringing natural elements into urban settings.

Importance of tree plantation has been spoken about time and again. But most of us aren’t aware of the best season to plant trees. Spring is said to be the most favourable of all seasons due to the pleasant weather. But don’t get fooled by the chill in the air during this season. The ground temperature during fall gives plants time to establish their roots before the harsh summer temperature begins. Fall season offers many advantages. Here’s why we at The Arborist think fall season (mid-August through mid-October) is the best time for tree planting:

Soil Is in the Most Favorable Condition During Fall

Warm soil temperature is best for the roots to get a good hold in the ground. Soil never freezes which gives your newly planted tree or shrub an opportunity to establish its root system throughout the fall/winter. Your tree or shrub will have a solid system to survive the early spring season and will focus its energy on growth. Once the roots grow and strengthen, they can handle drought much better.

Less Water, Less Maintenance

Mother Nature takes care of the watering needs of your plants which is one of the best benefits of fall tree planting. This means, low maintenance and you might not have to water the plants. If you plant a tree in summer or spring, plants have to be watered during the first few weeks or months. Constant observations will eventually get tedious as the heat increases.

Pollinators get crucial support

Pollinators include different insects, like moths, butterflies, birds, bees, bats. For these insects early blooms are a source for early nectar. In search of nectar these insects go to various flowers. In this process they get pollen from the previous along with them. Pollination is very essential for humans and it needs to take place one way or another. By planting native plants and these creatures a place to call home one can host hundreds of beneficial species to encourage pollination.

A jump-start for spring growth

Plants like perennial and wildflowers get a start on growth as the colder weather in fall makes it less stressful. This allows the root system to establish them comfortably in the environment even before winter arrives. Once spring arrives, the roots will start to grow long before the soil is worked by human hands to put in new plants. This is a head-start for first-season perennials and windflowers to show their flowers sooner.

Cool-Season to grow fresh Veggies

Many vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, rutabaga, spinach, carrots, kale, and Swiss chard flourish during fall. If these fall-harvested crops are planted in early August, it gets time enough time to mature. Greens like spinach and lettuce with a short maturity time can be planted later in the season.

After reading the benefits, it is safe to conclude that fall season offers many advantages for tree planting. Main reason being the temperature which is typically moderate to cool and easier on the plants and shrubs. The fall moisture helps establish healthier plants resulting stronger, better and developed root system for the next spring.

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