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Landscape Services & Design

Call The Arborist for Landscape & Design Services in Surrey & Surrounding Areas

For a landscape you’ll truly love, you’ve got to go with passionate landscape artists — that’s The Arborist. We take a fresh approach with each project, bringing our passion and knowledge to delivering comprehensive landscape design services to Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re aiming for subtle changes or a complete revamp of your current landscape design, we’ll be there to help. If you’re constructing a home, we can assist in the design of a new landscape that will perfectly complement your property.

The Arborist has been bringing the region’s visions to life in ways that are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and absolutely stunning! To maintain the health of your trees, shrubs, lawn, flowers, and other landscape features, we offer a variety of services, including:


Garden beds


Insect control

Lawn and tree spraying

Design services

Weed control


…and more

For help with your landscape concept or maintenance, call The Arborist and ask about the landscape services we provide in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Less Weeds, More Weekends

If you look at a professional landscaper’s property, you may notice that, by and large, there are very few weeds. There is a very simple reason for this: landscapers spend more time planning for weed control than they do combatting weed issues. To help you take back your weekends (and save yourself the many backaches), we’d love to bring our weed control knowledge to your garden.

New Lawn Installations

We lay new lawns for those looking for a fresh start, but we can also revive your current lawn. As we care for your lawn, we only use environmentally-friendly products. These products allow you to have the beautiful yard you desire while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter — Start a Flower Garden, Today!

Since our area receives more than 2,000 hours of annual sunlight, there’s truly never a wrong season to start a new flower bed or landscape design. Flowers such as ammi, cynoglossum, and poppies can be directly planted as early as February, while wildflowers, nemophila, coreopsis, and columbines can be planted as late as November. While it can be a challenge to sow seeds directly during the summer months, with the right care, know-how, and tools, it’s within our ability.

Natural Pest Control with Flowers and Herbs

Over the last few decades, homeowners have become increasingly aware that over-applying pesticides isn’t exactly healthy for the ecosystem. As an alternative, we can help you design a garden arrangement that will naturally repel insects, but still look stunning. While you can go with herbaceous plants, such as rosemary, mint, lemon thyme, lemongrass, or lavender, there are actually a number of ornamentals that also get the job done, including petunias, marigolds, nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, and allium.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

When it comes to having beautiful landscapes and gardens all year long, with The Arborist, your options are nearly endless. To get started on your “dream landscape”, simply contact The Arborist today!

Please note: we do not offer lawn mowing or acreage services.


Landscape Design

When most people think of landscape design, they imagine creating detailed, blueprint-like spreads that pinpoint the location of every shrub and flowerbed. In reality, every change you make, whether it’s something that caught your eye at the nursery or a new ornamental species, is altering the landscape design in its entirety.

Even if the planting was intentional, it can come with unintended consequences; the wrong species in the wrong location can make the whole arrangement appear haphazard, or introduce new pests. The keyword is “cohesion” — finding that perfect balance in your landscape design. Surrey homeowners have the benefit of working with The Arborist, a team that has been creating some of the region’s most beautiful landscapes.

By choosing The Arborist for landscape design, Surrey property owners can maximize their curb appeal and minimize the frustrations that come with a poorly planned landscape.

Plan for Lawnmowers and Other Equipment

When planning their landscapes, many homeowners view the exterior of their home as a static, unchanging environment. In reality, your lawn and property receive more activity than you probably realize. With the aid of our team, we can help you plan for the lawnmower, garden hoses, holiday decorations, and other access considerations.

You might also want to plan for future structural developments, such as adding a room onto your home or having a patio or porch constructed. If you have a septic system, or a grove of trees, you might want to consider how heavy service equipment could hinder or negatively affect your landscape design. As someone once said, “it’s always easier to plan ahead than plan from behind.”

Start with the Obvious

Many homeowners become overwhelmed with the design process because they begin by trying to fit every nuance and detail into the proposal. The best way to approach a landscape design is to start with the most obvious focal points. These will be the objects or plants that catch the eyes of passersby and truly give character to your design. These points of interest don’t even have to be a large boulder, statuette, fountain, or other imposing objects: the focal points simply have to deviate from the rest of your design, whether by colour, shape, or texture. The hardest part of creating points of interest is making your standout features not “stick out.”

What might work on a sprawling country property may not work so well in Surrey’s suburban areas. To help you strike the right scale and balance, we’ll assist you in choosing the right plants, flowers, and features.

Creating the Right Flow and Movement

Ever since pre-angled bordering materials landed on the market, homeowners have been overdoing it with the curves. Subtle, elongated curves work best; you want your landscape to be whimsical, not wavy. Speaking of flow, patches of tall grass are a great way to add some natural movement to your landscape. Remember: You want your landscape to appear as a living, breathing piece of nature, not static and sterile as if it’s being viewed in a photograph.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

While The Arborist helps design many landscapes for new construction projects, some of our favourite projects are for homeowners who have lived in one location for a number of years. Likely, the family has long accepted stubborn shrubberies, trees, and other aspects as unchangeable obstacles in their landscape design. We can help open your eyes to the many possibilities you’ve been missing!

We look forward to helping you design a landscape you will love and appreciate for many years to come — call The Arborist to get started!


Beautify Your Property

With expert advice from The Arborist, you can have a lovely landscape.

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