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Tree Planting

Professional Tree Planting Services in Surrey

A new tree on your property can add value, energy savings, and years of enjoyment. While planting a tree may seem straightforward, each species of tree has its own requirements when it comes to when, where, and how it should be planted. Instead of putting in the research, work, and maintenance, many homeowners call The Arborist for services related to tree planting in Surrey. Why? To put it simply, when a new tree is planted the right way, positive results are all but assured. Contact us for:

Tree planting

Tree removal



The Best Season to Plant Trees

While fall time is generally the best time of year to plant trees, this isn’t always the case. Knowing the right season, temperature, and how recent precipitation can affect the soil are all taken into account when our professional arborists plant new trees. In the best-case scenario, a tree will have time to implant itself in the soil and grow new roots before its traditional growing season starts.

Understanding Soil Composition

If your property is a new development, the nutrient-rich topsoil may have been stripped away, making for less-than-desirable planting conditions. When you hire a professional arborist to plant your tree, they will take into account the composition and nutrient density of the soil, then make any necessary adjustments to ensure the tree can successfully take root and receive water and vital nutrients from the soil.

Identifying Underground Utilities

Before our team plants trees, we will explore and mark the area to ensure the roots of your tree do not interfere with your home’s foundation. Tree roots can “sense” buried water pipes and drive in their roots, causing water main blockages and expensive renovations.

Preparing the Tree for Planting

If your tree came in a wiring or bucket-type system, there can be some difficulty in removing the tree from the container without hurting the fragile roots. We have the equipment and experience to prepare the tree without damaging the roots.

Bracing and Supporting the Tree

All depending on your tree’s age and species, some bracing may be required in order to keep the tree upright until its roots have taken hold. We can also make recommendations on which way the tree should face in order to maximize its presentation value. We will also pack backfill with the right amount of pressure to ensure adequate groundwater flow and support.

We’ll Be There for Ongoing Maintenance

If you so choose, after your tree has been planted, you can have The Arborist come out and examine your tree from time to time. We will look for signs of nutrition deficits, weak roots, disease, and other issues that could affect the long-term viability of the tree. During the first year, most trees require some degree of ongoing maintenance — we’d be happy to perform it on your behalf!

If you have questions about planting your tree or you want to enlist the services of a professional arborist, contact The Arborist for tree planting and maintenance services in Surrey and the surrounding areas.


Watch How It Grows!

Trust The Arborist to plant healthy, beautiful trees in your yard.

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