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Tree Removal

Effective Tree Removal in Surrey, Langley and White Rock

When a tree becomes diseased or is placing people, pets, and/or property in harm’s way, sometimes the only option is to have it removed. The Arborist has one of the most effective teams to offer tree removal and cutting services in Surrey, Langley, White Rock and the surrounding areas. Getting touch with us today!

Yes, anyone with a chainsaw can cut down a tree. Of course, there are unknown dangers: the tree could fall onto powerlines, cause an injury, or damage property. Tree removal accidents can be deadly. Another issue with the DIY approach is in trying to figure out what to do with the tree after it has been felled. And what about the stump?

For all these considerations and more, tree takedowns and removals are best left to professionals. Read on to learn why.

You’ll Be Putting Safety First

We have to caution anyone from attempting to remove a mature tree. There are simply too many risks involved in felling a tree for the first time if you don’t have the proper training. While we don’t doubt your ability to saw through a tree, if it falls on you, you won’t be around to admire your handiwork. The risks to your person, property, pets, and family are simply too great to perform your own tree removal — call a professional!

You Will Save Money by Hiring a Tree Removal Professionals 

Renting the equipment necessary to perform a proper removal can run you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, all depending on the size and placement of the tree. Hiring The Arborist to perform your tree removal will not only save you money, but something even more precious than money — your time.

When Should You Consider Tree Removal?

You must look for signs for tree removal such as:

  • Chipped bark and cracks in the trunk

  • Cavities in the trunk

  • Hanging branches in the upper crown

  • Accumulated soil at the base of the trunk and beneath the canopy

We Won’t Damage Your Property

With our modern tools and machinery, we will cause very little disturbance to your lawn and landscaped areas during the felling and removal process.

Once your tree is removed, you may want to ask us about our tree planting and general tree services to bring back the natural beauty of your property. We have served complete tree services for the community in Surrey, Langley White Rock and surrounding areas. Call us today to get started with tree removal and cutting in your Surrey BC home!!


Climbing High for Customer Service

The Arborist will remove tall trees from your property.

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