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Little Off the Top? Get Dependable Tree Trimming in Surrey BC

For many homeowners and companies performing tree trimming in Surrey, the process seems simple, but poorly trimmed and over-trimmed trees don’t just blight your property: they also place the tree in jeopardy of disease or death. Techniques such as topping and deep-trimming are ineffective for long-term growth control. What you end up with (if the tree survives) are faster-growing, denser clusters of branches, because when trees are over-trimmed they “bet the farm” and apply all their conserved energy to produce new shoots and leaves.

Why not call the ISA-certified experts at The Arborist to keep your trees healthy and visually appealing? Our tree care services include:




Cabling & bracing

Insect control

Disease control

When is Tree Trimming Essential?

Tree trimming is best performed when it is used to:

Promote healthy growth

Prevent branch failure

Remove dead/diseased portions

Keep your property and family safe

That’s it — no more, no less. Remember: trimming to a tree is like surgery for humans — it should be done safely and sparingly.

Why Do Some Tree Care Companies Go Overboard with Trimming?

There are a few reasons for this, with the blame falling on both the tree care workers and homeowners. There are many fly-by-night tree-trimming operations out there serving once-a-decade customers. Typically, these customers have neglected a tree until it’s become a property issue and they’re expecting big, immediate results. Instead of informing the customer about the proper trimming techniques, schedule, and season for trimming their particular species of tree, these dubiously trained tree trimmers will go about lopping off the top of the crown, and leaving behind just a few feet of leaf-supporting stems. Sadly, most customers will happily pay after seeing all the work that has been done, and the tree trimmers are more than happy to take the money. A year or two may go by, then the property owner is wondering why their tree has become overtaken by decaying branches, pests, and/or the death of the whole tree. It’s best to do it right the first time and then follow up with regular maintenance.

Best Seasons for Hardwood Tree Pruningc

November through March is the dormancy period for hardwood trees, and also the best time of year to have any tree trimming or pruning work performed. Unless a particular branch is posing an immediate threat to your property, major trimming or pruning should never take place during the early spring to early summer months.

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