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Little Off the Top? Get Dependable Tree Trimming in Surrey BC

For many homeowners and companies performing tree trimming in Surrey, the process seems simple, but poorly trimmed and over-trimmed trees don’t just blight your property: they also place the tree in jeopardy of disease or death. Techniques such as topping and deep-trimming are ineffective for long-term growth control. What you end up with (if the tree survives) are faster-growing, denser clusters of branches, because when trees are over-trimmed they “bet the farm” and apply all their conserved energy to produce new shoots and leaves.

Why not call the ISA-certified experts at The Arborist to keep your trees healthy and visually appealing? Our tree care services include:

  • Trimming

  • Pruning

  • Fertilization

  • Cabling & bracing

  • Insect control

  • Disease control

When is Tree Trimming Essential?

Tree trimming is best performed when it is used to:

  • Promote healthy growth

  • Prevent branch failure

  • Remove dead/diseased portions

  • Keep your property and family safe

That’s it — no more, no less. Remember: trimming to a tree is like surgery for humans — it should be done safely and sparingly.

Why Do Some Tree Care Companies Go Overboard with Trimming?

There are a few reasons for this, with the blame falling on both the tree care workers and homeowners. There are many fly-by-night tree-trimming operations out there serving once-a-decade customers. Typically, these customers have neglected a tree until it’s become a property issue and they’re expecting big, immediate results. Instead of informing the customer about the proper trimming techniques, schedule, and season for trimming their particular species of tree, these dubiously trained tree trimmers will go about lopping off the top of the crown, and leaving behind just a few feet of leaf-supporting stems. Sadly, most customers will happily pay after seeing all the work that has been done, and the tree trimmers are more than happy to take the money. A year or two may go by, then the property owner is wondering why their tree has become overtaken by decaying branches, pests, and/or the death of the whole tree. It’s best to do it right the first time and then follow up with regular maintenance.

Best Seasons for Hardwood Tree Pruning

November through March is the dormancy period for hardwood trees, and also the best time of year to have any tree trimming or pruning work performed. Unless a particular branch is posing an immediate threat to your property, major trimming or pruning should never take place during the early spring to early summer months.

Request Tree Trimming in Surrey

To bring The Arborist’s dedicated tree trimming services to your Surrey-area property, contact us any time!


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Keep your property safe with tree trimming from The Arborist.

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"Hedges are well-done."

Mrs. Webly

"My trees came down safely and quickly. Thank you."

S Shahota

"Excellent report"

Mrs. J Smith

Great Job

"Have taken care of our mobile home park for years! Work has always been well-done, and they are always there when I need them."

Sandy K.

"Took down my tree and cleaned up perfectly!"

Don A.

"Don't think anyone could have done it better!"

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James L.

Excellent Cleanup

“Cleanup was excellent. Couldn't tell you had been there!"

H. Percado

"Good work, fair price!"

D. Kendale

Great Service at Great Price

“The crew that came to my house to trim a very large tree in my front yard, was very professional and well-organized, and wasted no time taking off dozens of limbs from the tree. The cleanup was like a well-oiled machine; they wasted no time and got it done quickly. I have to apologize to Linwood’s son; I have forgotten his name. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever had working on my house or yard. Their pricing is the best around; very pleased and would recommend "The Arborist" to anyone looking for great tree service at great prices.”

Terry M.

Super Professional Staff

“These guys are incredibly good!! Excellent pricing, family run and super professional! We couldn't be happier!!!”

Ryan C.

Very Efficient and Friendly Crew

“Great service! I would highly recommend. They did a great job on our trees; very efficient and friendly crew.”

L. Campbell

Highly Recommended

“Great service! Even though it was a small job for the Arborist's, Linwood did a great job explaining the options that were available and coming up with a plan that suited my needs. The plan was executed in a timely manner by a professional crew. I highly recommend them.”

John V.

Excellent Tree Company

“Excellent tree company! Fast, very professional, great prices! 3 150-foot tall cedars in between my neighbor’s house and mine all removed in a day! Highly recommend!”

Dan M.

Exceptionally Professional

“We've had the Arborist do work for us for two years in a row now. We have a condo garden apartment so it is not a large job for the company but it is something we cannot do ourselves. They are exceptionally professional, competent, and reasonable. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Beth W.

Amazing Crew

“What an amazing and professional crew! They went out of their way to help us with a pet stuck in a tree 80-foot high. I would highly recommend them for any tree service needs.”

Christine K.


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