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The Arborist offers more than tree removal, cutting, and pruning in Surrey and the surrounding areas: we also provide lawn care maintenance tips for homeowners and property managers. For advice on how often you need to trim your trees or when weed control is necessary, read through our blog. For further information or to schedule landscaping services in and around Surrey, call us.


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We have been trusted in Surrey and the surrounding area.

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  • tree planting
    13/12/2019 0 Comments
    5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

    Trees are said to be the lungs of our planet. They are essential for our ecosystem and provide essential necessities like medicine, shelter, tools, etc. Trees increase the quality of our life by bringing natural elements into urban settings. 

    Importance of tree plantation has been spoken about time and again. But most of us aren’t aware of the best season to plant trees. Spring is said to be the most favourable of all seasons due to the pleasant weather. But don’t get fooled by the chill in the air during this season. The ground temperature during fall gives plants time to establish their roots before the harsh summer temperature begins. Fall season offers many advantages. Here’s why we at The Arborist think fall season (mid-August through mid-October) is the best time for tree planting:

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  • tree removal
    29/11/2019 0 Comments
    Why Should You Hire a Professional for Tree Removal?

    Tree removal can be dangerous, especially when you are working near power lines. Hiring a professional tree removal company is a good idea as they have the necessary equipment and experience to safely remove trees. Professionals wear the necessary gear and are trained to use equipment such as chain saws, cranes, wood chippers etc. to safely chop a tree. The Arborist is your tree removal expert in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We also provide tree trimming and tree planting services. We strive for excellence in any task we undertake. 

    Here are a few advantages of hiring professional tree removal companies:

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  • Tree trimming
    29/11/2019 0 Comments
    Six Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

    It’s no secret that trees aesthetically enhance the area around your home. This makes it crucial that they are well maintained. Tree trimming or pruning is one of the best ways to have healthy, strong and beautiful trees. What the majority of the people don’t know is that pruning done in the wrong way can actually cause serious harm to a tree. This is where the importance of professionals comes in. 

    The Arborist is a family-owned and -operated company which provides quality tree care and landscaping services in Surrey and surrounding areas. Whether you want to enhance your property’s appearance or impress your neighbors with flawless landscaping, we have the knowledge and tools for the job.
    In this blog post, we have explained the most common mistakes that should be avoided while performing tree trimming.

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  • Tree planting
    29/11/2019 0 Comments
    Importance of Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place

    Planting a seed and watching it grow into a huge tree provides a sense of accomplishment. Trees enrich our atmosphere with oxygen, provide extra shade in summer months and have numerous other wonderful effects on our environment. When tree planting is done in a planned way, it can offer numerous rewarding experiences.

    You should research well while selecting a tree for a particular site. Our experienced professionals at The Arborist can help you with planning tree care and with landscaping services.

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  • Tree Trimming
    23/10/2019 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Regular Professional Tree Trimming

    Trimming your Surrey trees is an important home maintenance task that there are many good reasons to stay on top of. Trees can add a great deal of beauty and elegance to a property, and even more so if they are kept in good condition by hiring a Surrey tree trimming service such as The Arborist.

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  • Tree Removing
    23/10/2019 0 Comments
    How to Know When a Tree Needs to Be Removed

    Trees provide numerous shading, privacy, and aesthetic benefits for any property, which is why many people choose to either buy properties with existing trees or decide to plant trees themselves. At the same time, having a tree on your property is not without its risks. Sometimes a tree will have to be removed by a Surrey tree removal service such as The Arborist.

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  • Landscaping Services
    23/10/2019 0 Comments
    The Arborist: Top of the Tree for Landscaping Services, Surrey

    There’s no doubt that trees are beautiful. Trees make a great ornamental addition to almost any yard, garden, or outdoor space. But trees are more than simple decorations to fill out the aesthetic look of your home’s landscaping. At The Arborist, our landscaping professionals can show you how to make the trees in your garden functional as well as beautiful. Keep reading for a few tips from our expert staff about the multiple uses of trees in your yard.

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Serving the Community

We have been trusted in Surrey and the surrounding area.

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"Hedges are well-done."

Mrs. Webly

"My trees came down safely and quickly. Thank you."

S Shahota

"Excellent report"

Mrs. J Smith

Great Job

"Have taken care of our mobile home park for years! Work has always been well-done, and they are always there when I need them."

Sandy K.

"Took down my tree and cleaned up perfectly!"

Don A.

"Don't think anyone could have done it better!"

Mr. and Mrs. Mcrea

"Thank you."

S. Gill


"It was interesting to see how you cut the tree down."

C. Mcrath

"Will definitely call you again!"

P. Carter

"My yard never looked better."

James L.

Excellent Cleanup

“Cleanup was excellent. Couldn't tell you had been there!"

H. Percado

"Good work, fair price!"

D. Kendale

Great Service at Great Price

“The crew that came to my house to trim a very large tree in my front yard, was very professional and well-organized, and wasted no time taking off dozens of limbs from the tree. The cleanup was like a well-oiled machine; they wasted no time and got it done quickly. I have to apologize to Linwood’s son; I have forgotten his name. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever had working on my house or yard. Their pricing is the best around; very pleased and would recommend "The Arborist" to anyone looking for great tree service at great prices.”

Terry M.

Super Professional Staff

“These guys are incredibly good!! Excellent pricing, family run and super professional! We couldn't be happier!!!”

Ryan C.

Very Efficient and Friendly Crew

“Great service! I would highly recommend. They did a great job on our trees; very efficient and friendly crew.”

L. Campbell

Highly Recommended

“Great service! Even though it was a small job for the Arborist's, Linwood did a great job explaining the options that were available and coming up with a plan that suited my needs. The plan was executed in a timely manner by a professional crew. I highly recommend them.”

John V.

Excellent Tree Company

“Excellent tree company! Fast, very professional, great prices! 3 150-foot tall cedars in between my neighbor’s house and mine all removed in a day! Highly recommend!”

Dan M.

Exceptionally Professional

“We've had the Arborist do work for us for two years in a row now. We have a condo garden apartment so it is not a large job for the company but it is something we cannot do ourselves. They are exceptionally professional, competent, and reasonable. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Beth W.

Amazing Crew

“What an amazing and professional crew! They went out of their way to help us with a pet stuck in a tree 80-foot high. I would highly recommend them for any tree service needs.”

Christine K.


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