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Six Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Tree trimming

It’s no secret that trees aesthetically enhance the area around your home. This makes it crucial that they are well maintained. Tree trimming or pruning is one of the best ways to have healthy, strong and beautiful trees. What the majority of the people don’t know is that pruning done in the wrong way can actually cause serious harm to a tree. This is where the importance of professionals comes in.

The Arborist is a family-owned and -operated company which provides quality tree care and landscaping services in Surrey and surrounding areas. Whether you want to enhance your property’s appearance or impress your neighbors with flawless landscaping, we have the knowledge and tools for the job. In this blog post, we have explained the most common mistakes that should be avoided while performing tree trimming.

What to Watch out For

Tree pruning requires meticulous attention to detail and the right training. There are a number of things to be careful about during the process, such as: 1. Topping This means cutting off the top of a tree. This is normally performed to stop excessive growth. What happens is that when you cut a branch, three others might sprout and replace it. These will be fighting for space and will eventually mess up the structure of the tree; the tree will weaken and start to die from within. For controlling growth, it’s better to prune the larger branches on the tree sides and leave the top alone. 2. Excessive Trimming Even though pruning makes a tree better, overdoing it will take away the source of support, nutrients and shade. It also makes them susceptible to diseases. It’s ideal to keep the pruning between five and 10%, if you want your trees to remain healthy. 3. Bad Timing Seasons also matters in pruning, which means you can’t perform it whenever you want. The most suitable season is winter as trees are dormant with no leaves at that time. This makes it easier to see the branches and make good cuts. Remember to never prune trees during summer as this will you take away their shade, resulting in sun damage to the wounds. 4. Improper Cutting Pruning done properly reduces the damage done to the tree and it will also heal quickly. Improper cuts like flush cuts or stab cuts can do damages that are irreversible. A flush cut can slit the branch collar, leaving a large wound on the side while a stub cut can leave too many dead branches which decay backward into the tree trunk. 5. Using Dull Tools Dull tools might not seem like a big problem but they can create improper or rough cuts, resulting in large wounds. It should also be ensured that the tools used are clean or bacteria and diseases from other trees may get passed on. 6. Not Calling the Pros The procedures of professional pruning may not be familiar to the majority of normal householders. That is why it is necessary to call certified arborists for the job.

Let Us Help

You can always trust The Arborist with properly pruning your trees to make them healthy and beautiful. When you hire us for the job, you can be guaranteed of quality work. We do not ask for advances and you do not have to pay us until the project is over. For information on professional tree trimming, read our blog post - The Benefits of Regular Professional Tree Trimming. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


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