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The Arborist: Top of the Tree for Landscaping Services, Surrey

Landscaping Services

There’s no doubt that trees are beautiful. Trees make a great ornamental addition to almost any yard, garden, or outdoor space. But trees are more than simple decorations to fill out the aesthetic look of your home’s landscaping. At The Arborist, our landscaping professionals can show you how to make the trees in your garden functional as well as beautiful. Keep reading for a few tips from our expert staff about the multiple uses of trees in your yard.

Landscaping Services in Surrey Have you always dreamed of waking up in the morning, walking out to your backyard, and picking a fresh piece of fruit right off the tree? Well, that dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. Backyard fruit trees are extremely popular and even a small tree can produce a tremendous amount of fruit. Our experts can plant a variety of fruit trees in your yard and ensure that your new trees get the right amount of sun to produce a healthy yield. They Can Be Ornamental and Still Offer Privacy Who says that ornamental trees can’t also serve a functional purpose? If you have a fence that’s lacking a bit of privacy, contact us today and we can design and plant an attractive tree line that will maximize your privacy. They Help Guide Wind Direction and Speed One of the lesser-knowns benefits of trees is their ability to control the direction and intensity of wind. With the correct planning and placement, trees can act as a natural wind break—an especially useful feature if you live in a particularly windy area (by the water, for example.) Strategic placement of trees in your yard can guide the wind away from your property. Alternatively, you can use trees to create streams of constant breeze or make shelters that cultivate warmth in your yard. They Make Great Wildlife Habitats Trees provide all sorts of benefits to the wildlife that exists around your home. Not only do they serve as habitats for birds, insects, and small mammals such as squirrels, but they also provide incredibly important sources of nutrients. Plant a few trees to attract wildlife from all around and turn your garden into a veritable Eden! If you’re looking for landscaping services in Surrey , give The Aborist a call. Visit us here for more information regarding our services.


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