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Why Should You Hire a Professional for Tree Removal?

tree removal

Tree removal can be dangerous, especially when you are working near power lines. Hiring a professional tree removal company is a good idea as they have the necessary equipment and experience to safely remove trees. Professionals wear the necessary gear and are trained to use equipment such as chain saws, cranes, wood chippers etc. to safely chop a tree. The Arborist is your tree removal expert in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We also provide tree trimming and tree planting services. We strive for excellence in any task we undertake.

Here are a few advantages of hiring professional tree removal companies:

• Ensures Safety

Tree trimming, removal and maintenance are not easy tasks. Most of the time, removing old or overgrown trees may cause structural damage to the house. If proper care is not taken while chopping branches or stems, they may fall on the people or utilities around, causing severe injuries or damages. The nearby power lines could be damaged if you cut the tree the wrong way, which may put you and the others around at risk of serious injury or even death. A reputed tree removal company will prioritize your safety.

• Use Modern Equipment Whether you want to prune big branches of trees or want to trim and cut down trees, professional tree removal companies have modern equipment and tools for all purposes.

• Helps Save Time and Money Hiring professional companies to cut down a tree helps you save a lot of money. Tree removal service is not only affordable but also reduces any repairs caused by damage to sewers, sidewalks or the building. Professionals efficiently complete the task in a short period of time and get rid of the debris from the area.

• Experience Professionals have the experience and know the best techniques to get rid of a tree quickly from your residential or commercial property. They will ensure that no damage is caused to your lawn or the other younger trees around while chopping a tree.

• Insurance There is a risk of accidents during tree removal. What if a heavy branch crashes on your roof or your neighbour’s during the job? If you have hired a reputable tree removal company, they will have liability insurance to protect you and your property from damage. They even have workers compensation insurance to protect the tree care professionals in case of an injury while carrying out the task. The company you hire must have a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance. The Arborist carries $5,000,000 liability insurance The Arborist caters to all the tree care needs of clients in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We are a locally owned and operated business, fully covered by WorkSafe BC and have full liability insurance. We offer environment-friendly product options as our team is highly focused on reducing carbon footprint and protecting the environment. We also provide landscape services. To understand the advantages of professional tree trimming, read our blog The Benefits of Regular Professional Tree Trimming.

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